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Rental Lock Automater (RLA): FAQs
Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a repeater. Click for details
  • Where do I get the iCalendar URLs for AirBnB, VRBO and HomeAway?
    • AirBnB
      • Go to Manage Listings on airbnb.com
      • Find the listing you'd like to edit and click Manage listing 
      • Click Availability 
      • Under Sync Calendars, select Export calendar 
      • Copy and paste the Airbnb calendar link into your SmartApp
    • VRBO/HomeAway
      • Log in to your account
      • If you have more than one property, select the property you wish to edit
      • Click the Calendar icon in the left navigation menu
      • Click Reservations
      • Click the Import/Export arrows icon
      • Click Export Calendar
      • Copy and paste the Airbnb calendar link into your SmartApp
  • Can I have RLA automatically  send SMS's to renters?
Yes you can configure RLA to automatically send upcoming  AirBnB users an SMS ahead of time. You can also enter a custom message for the renters which can include the usercode, start date and end date. See the Manage property page of the SmartApp. The SMS is sent via SmartThings so you may want to include in your custom note that users cannot reply to those messages.
  • Can RLA notify me when SMS's are sent to renters?
Yes you can configure RLA to notify you when SMS's are sent to renters. In the Manage property page of the app, scroll to the bottom and enable the option Get automatic code scheduling notifications
  • Can I have RLA automatically use the last X digits of the user 's phone number as the user? 
Yes, from the Manage property page you can select from various options on how you would like RLA to generate automatic codes. AirBnB properties can choose the last X digits of the users phone number (X being the configured length of user codes on your lock). Other options include a combination of check-in and check-out dates etc
  • Can I have RLA activate the code prior to arrival of the renters?
Yes you can configure RLA to activate the user codes X days prior to their arrival. See the Manage property page for details on your SmartApp. Setting it to 0 will activate the code on arrival day, at the configured check in time
  • How do I change the check out date of an automatically generated for a rental user
Click on Manage users, tap on the user you want to change the check out date, scroll down, update the date and click Done

  • I get notifications from SmartLocks that codes are being delete/added 
That is completely normal, the RLA app optimizes the users on the lock whenever there is a change in schedule. SmartLocks doesn’t allow you to turn off programming notifications so you can ignore them or remove the SmartLocks app.
  • My property is in a different timezone from where I live, when I move there and I open the ST app, the check-in/check-out times have changed 
SmartThings mobile app adjusts for timezone differences while displaying the time when your mobile phone changes location. So if you moved from California to Texas, the phone would add +2 hrs to the time while displaying it. You don’t need to worry if you’re just viewing it. However, if you’re making changes to it, make sure you correct it to the new check-in/check-out time. At the time for changing/programming the time is saved on the hub and will remain that way irrespective of where your phone is located.
  • Does my mobile phone need to be open all the time for the scheduleing and user management to work?
The SmartApp runs in the SmartThings cloud and as long as your hub is connected to the internet the app will keep your schedules and users up to date, even if the mobile phone is turned off.

  • If my internet connection is disconnected will my lock user codes stop working?
The programmed user codes in the lock will continue to work even if the internet is disconnected. However any new users or removal of expired users will not take place until the internet connection is restored.

  • I'm seeing the app try to program the codes multiple times or I'm having difficulty controlling my lock
The SmartApp is built to handle adverse conditions and verify code programming. However for best performance ensure that you lock is no further than about 20ft from the nearest repeater (Z-Wave or ZigBee). You need atleast 1 repeater between the hub and the lock (even if you hub is just a few feet from the lock). This is required to make and maintain a strong/reliable mesh and accounts for most issues. If you don't have a repeater, do buy one. A repeater is any mains powered device like a switch or an outlet. E.g. You can purchase a Z-Wave Plus outlet from Monoprice  and plug it into the wall between the hub and the lock.